Bathroom Renovation Services

Have you always wished for the perfect bathroom? Do you sit in the bath trying to relax but your surroundings are making you more stressed? If so W4W Building are here to help. We can help you with all aspects of bathroom renovations.

If you’re a woman you may spend a good half an hour every morning in the bathroom doing you hair and make-up and a guy may even take up the same to have a shave and get their hair done but are you rushing to get out of your bathroom. If so why, is it damp, horrible, mouldy, a mess if so you need our help.

We can help renovate your bathroom to the dream you have – may it be a relaxing sunbeam, a relaxing sky blue or even a mad and brightly coloured bathroom.  You may want:

  • A new bathroom suite in white – you may have a peach or avocado green coloured suite at the moment you hate so changing that is a starting point.
  • A Shower – these days’ showers can be single or double so it’s to you what you want and also the space you have.
  • A Bath – a bath is a bath you may think but no its not now.  You have the choice of a normal standard bath, a Jacuzzi bath, toll top bath, shower bath, luxury bath or a corner bath.
  • Sink & Toilet – if you buy a set you get a toilet and sink which matches the bath and or shower. If you buy the bath and or shower separate you will need to find a sink and toilet you like and fits in with the rest of the bathroom.
  • Radiators – all bathrooms need a radiator, it keeps the room nice and warm. There are lovely unusual bathroom radiators available now which will give your bathroom a stunning look.
  • Tiling – tiles can play a very important part in a bathroom, there are simple plain ones, textured tiles, colourful tiles, tiles with stones in.Whatever you choose tiles are a statement and will make your bathroom look gorgeous.

You may also want to paint or decorate the bathroom as part of the renovation process. Whatever your design and ideas W4W Building can help make it happen.