Successful Property Renovation in Derbyshire

We recently renovated a property for a local landlord.  Once the property was completed it took just two days before the property was occupied.

The pictures below are are the before, during and after images:

Before Renovation:

before bathroom renovationbefore lounge renovation





During Renovation:

during bathroom renovation     before lounge renovation


After Renovation:

decorated stairsrenvated hall







decorated ceiling architraveDecorated Peep Hole




decorated ceiling architrave   decorated living room

room complete after renovation    bathroom after renovation

The result was a successful property renovation and one very happy landlord with a new sitting tenant.

If you want us to renovate a property to this high standard, contact us today on 01773 742746.


What’s the cost of a house extension?

The price of a home extension can vary massively dependent on, not only the size of the extension but the level of finish you require in regards to such things as kitchens and bathrooms.

The starting point of any good home extension project is to employ the services of an architect to help you plan exactly what you want to create. A good architect will listen to your list of requirements and “must haves” and then explore what is possible within building regulations. The architect will then produce a first draft of the proposed drawings for you to peruse and discuss.

Once you are happy with the design and the plans have been passed by the planning office it’s time to get some quotes, I would recommend you get three quotes so you have an idea of the minimum and maximum prices.

It is important that you know the level of involvement you want with the project, do you want to manage the project yourself, which could save you money, or do you want to employ a main contractor so you have one point of contact for the project who is dealing with every element of the build from foundations to finish.

It is also important to have an idea of the level of finish you require if your extension is to include a kitchen, utility room or bathroom. The price of these products vary enormously, you need to have an idea of what proportion of your budget is to be spent on these items, this process can help you decide how much you want those granite worktops or expensive taps on the bath!

Always allow for some contingency money in your budget for any unforeseeable problems or extra works you may require whilst the build is in progress and if none arise, maybe you can have those fancy bath taps after all!

House prices rise

A report into the rise in house prices has revealed that the average price for a property in London has rocketed over 3% in a month, this means that the average price for a property in the capital is more than £500,000. Camden has become part of the “Elite Club” along with the likes of Kensington and Chelsea where the average price for a property is now in excess of £1m.

Elsewhere in the kingdom, house prises have also risen by around 9% since the start of 2013 with the average house price now reaching over £245,000. The strongest start to a year since 2004 has been attributed to cheap mortgage deals and the governments funding for lending scheme.

Home repossessions fall

A report by The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) states that the rate of repossessions in the first quarter of the year was down by 17% compared to the same period last year.

Around 8000 properties were repossessed in the first three months of 2013 and The CML report that a fifth of those were buy-to-let properties.

In a separate report by The CML shows that the buy-to-let market is growing, the first quarter accounting for over 13% of the mortgage market.

The rise is being attributed to low interest rates and continued employment with The Bank of England today announcing that it will hold its record low benchmark rate at 0.5pc continued growth is predicted.

Gas Certificates

A survey which was recently carried out by the housing charity Shelter in conjunction with British Gas, has shown that around 1 in 10 landlords and letting agents are not having an annual gas safety check carried out despite it being required by law.

The law requires a gas safety certificate to be issued annually for a rented property. A gas check helps identify gas leaks and faulty boilers which may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and even explosions.

Don’t put your tenants at risk.

James and the giant price tag!

The house in which Roald Dahl was born has been put on the market. It was built by his parents in Llandaff, and was named Villa Marie – but is now known as Ty Gwyn.

The house has been put on the market for £1.45 million, so a keen fan of the much loved children’s author would have to dig deep into their pockets or be the owner of a chocolate factory!

Don’t throw your money down the drain

The sun is out again and the forecast for the bank holiday weekend is good. You may decide that it’s time to get out into the garden and start digging out for the new patio or decking you’ve been planning all through the cold dark winter, but before you fire up the breaker on the old concrete base you need to remove or start swinging the pick axe, have you considered what lies beneath? Be sure to check where the drains run and check if any other services, Gas, Electric, Cable TV, you don’t want your budget spending on costly repairs!

Remove pounds to save ££££

The Energy Saving Trust has released the findings of its research into not only how much you can save financially but also save the planet by lightening the load in your van.

It has been estimated that if half of the LGV drivers in the UK removed 75KG from their vans (3 or 4 bags of san/cement) it would save around £50 million a year and 100,000 less tonnes of carbon dioxide.

A difference in fuel consumption of up to 30% has been found between an empty and fully loaded van in some cases, so it pays to think about what’s loaded on your van.

Time to spring clean your van?