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Successful Property Renovation in Derbyshire

We recently renovated a property for a local landlord.  Once the property was completed it took just two days before the property was occupied.

The pictures below are are the before, during and after images:

Before Renovation:

before bathroom renovationbefore lounge renovation





During Renovation:

during bathroom renovation     before lounge renovation


After Renovation:

decorated stairsrenvated hall







decorated ceiling architraveDecorated Peep Hole




decorated ceiling architrave   decorated living room

room complete after renovation    bathroom after renovation

The result was a successful property renovation and one very happy landlord with a new sitting tenant.

If you want us to renovate a property to this high standard, contact us today on 01773 742746.


The 10 Key Components of a Successful Office Refurbishment

It is very essential to have a good working environment and an excellent interior in any company. As an employer it is your responsibility to provide your employees with best facilities and good setting. Research shows that employees of companies having excellent interior facilities perform more effectively than those with boring and monotonous interiors. A good interior attracts many potential clients too.

A good workplace need to be comfortable for the staff and welcoming for the clients. It is essential to have the office space suitable both for the staff and clients. Re-organizing your office and making some minor office refurbishment will help you attain that. Below are 10 key components of a successful office refurbishment;

1. Consult all stakeholders and inform them of the adjustments that will be made and how it will impact them.

2. Everyone needs to be involved. Managing directors may have the role of approving designs and charges, financials directors create a budget, office managers could provide valuable input on what the staffs actually want.

3. Choose one individual to be in charge of the whole refurbishment process. The person needs to be responsible, great communicator and experienced. The person should be able to stay within the budget and schedule.

4. Flooring is the foundation of every interior refurbishment. Choose a good flooring material and colour to make your office look elegant and classy. Bad flooring can make everything appear messy. Replace carpet flooring with new ones or if you have tiles or wooden floor get them polished to conceal areas which cannot be repaired.
5. When refurbishing an office, re-paint the walls. A successful refurbishment should reflect more on what the business is all about. You can use a different colour scheme. You can use wallpapers to highlight walls of the office in the best possible way. Different areas of the office need to be painted with diverse colours and themes depending on the role of that section.

6. Worn out furniture need to be replaced or repaired by an expert carpenter. Office furniture tends to become stained, marked or ripped due to daily use.

7. For a successful office refurbishment security has to be considered. Security is a chief concern for any company. Your previous security measures might have become outdated. Ensure you get all the safety tools placed at the appropriate exit spots and according to your renovated office design.

8. Partitioning an office provides many benefits such as privacy. It is very important to keep customer details private and confidential. Partition enables you to work at your desk making it impossible for your co-workers to observe what you are doing. This is very crucial in case you deal with sensitive customer details. Getting a customer’s trust is very essential in any company so ensuring their details safety is crucial in being successful.

9. Having an office partition will also reduce noise thus increasing concentration. It enables workers to concentrate on work than what is going on in the office.

10. A successful refurbishment should be designed for the future. It needs to be able to adapt to future adjustments that could happen at any time. Designing your office in this manner makes your company seem more modern and future oriented to customers and staff.

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Interior decor ideas for renovations

Carrying out renovations on a home can be costly and time consuming, and when large tasks have been completed – such as installing a new kitchen or bathroom – there is still the decorating to be tackled. Not everyone can afford to bring in a team of interior designers, so careful thought should be given to the décor. It should be easy to create without the benefit of professional assistance.

Choosing a style

A decor’s style or theme is something that is very personal to the owner. There is no compulsion to follow the latest fad, or choose something that lots of other people have, but the décor should reflect the individual tastes of the homeowner. Start by thinking about a colour scheme and plan the room accordingly. It is possible to renovate a room on a low budget, but at the same time alter every aspect of it to present a whole new look.

When considering colour schemes, make use of paint tester pots to assist in deciding on the ideal colour. Ask fabric shops for swatches of fabric that can be taken home and viewed in place to see the effect. There are also interior design software programmes that allow the user to recreate the room on a computer and alter the decor until a style is found that works.

Interior decor on a budget

One way to achieve an interior design on a budget is to get a little creative. A fairly recent trend is ‘upcycling’. This involves taking old items that might otherwise be thrown away, and giving them a new look and a new lease of life. This could be a great solution for those who might be short of funds for totally new furniture. Alternatively, furniture pieces can often be obtained for nothing from sites such as Freecycle, although it may take a bit of time to obtain everything that is needed.

Second hand shops are often filled with items of good quality, at a fraction of the price they would sell for as new merchandise in a furniture store. Another option is to get discounts by buying new furniture online, but one downside is that it is not always possible to inspect the item before it is purchased and delivered. The upside is that it is possible to purchase just about anything online these days, from dining tables to sofas.

Kitchen decor

A kitchen has to be a very practical room, and there are many design options for this part of the house. One of the main considerations, no matter what style of kitchen is preferred, is storage. There should be plenty of storage space for all utensils, crockery and food items. This will leave worktops clear – something that is essential if the kitchen is fairly small.

The vintage look is becoming popular for kitchens, with many people opting for older style accessories and features. However, there are also those who prefer sleek and modern designs that have a minimalist approach. Kitchen decor will also be influenced by the family’s lifestyle. If the kitchen is intended to be a family room that gets a lot of use and continuous traffic, then a minimalist theme will not work well.

Selling my house in spring

Spring is the traditional time when the daffodil bulbs start to pop up in people?s front gardens along side with the usual estate agents boards. Spring is always a positive time, and as the sun starts to steam in through the windows, soon X5?s and other traditional signs of the estate agents coming out of their winter hibernation will be clearly evident. Soon the suburbs of most towns and cities will be back as the traditional hunting ground of well dressed men and women carrying blackberries and laser measurers. Using that unique calling sound of, double aspect, light and airy, well presented, and an opportunity to view this desirable family residence.

Estate agents spring back into action and sale away with profits?

Putting your ideas into action

Thanks to a small inheritance and the expiry of an insurance policy, you find yourself in the wonderful position of achieving your life-long ambition, that is, having a home built to your own specifications.

Having moved four times in the last twenty years, and always having to settle for second best (e.g. large lounge – small kitchen, or large kitchen -small bedrooms etc.) the thought that you could actually end up with exactly what you want is overwhelming.

You love the small town you live in and have many friends, so you do not want to move too far away. You spend weeks looking round the town for possible sites, without luck, So how do you go about it? After doing some research on the internet, you realise that there is a lot more to it then you first thought. On good advice, you contact a Property Developer. Research has told you that you need one that has a good Consultancy Service that will work with the client through every stage to ensure success of the development.

Their Property Acquisition Service should include liaising with legal advisors, market analysis, strategic planning, site surveys which could include flood risk, contamination and subsoil conditions, portfolio review and management and demographic/labour supply.

Their Disposals Service should offer negotiation of agreements between landowner and developer for the disposal of the potential development land and agreements for the disposal of land with existing planning permission and site assemblies.

All this seems a lot, but a good Property Developer will offer you this and a lot more. If your ideas prove a little more costly, then the Developer should have access to funding with a choice of terms to suit you.

Having consulted you through every stage of the development, when completed, your dream home will feel personal and extra special.

For Property Developers with years of experience and expertise contact Property Development and Investment Solutions who can help you with Property Acquisitions.

Development Requirements

– Sites in the Nottinghamshire area, approximately 0.5 acres in size for the future development of nursing/care home.

– Site required in the Sheffield area on the outskirts or within a residential area, approximately 0.5 acres in size for the future development of nursing/care home.~

– Site required in the Doncaster area on the border of a residential and industrial area, approximately 0.5 acres in size for the future development of nursing/care home.

– Residential sites required within a 40 mile radius of Newark ? on ? Trent, must be in good areas with planning consent for the erection of executive properties.

– Residential sites required within a 25 mile radius of Newark ? on ? Trent, must be in good areas with either planning consent or the potential of planning being granted for the erection of mid-range to upper end property values. Any size of site considered up to a maximum of 15No units per site.

– Residential sites required within a 30 mile radius of Lincoln and Grantham, must be in good areas with either planning consent or the potential of planning being granted for the erection of mid-range to upper end property values. Any size of site considered up to a maximum of 15No units per site.

– Residential sites required in the Midlands area, must have planning consent and be ready for a quick start on site. Any site considered but must be value for money with a maximum purchase price of ?400,000.00.

– Residential sites required in the midlands area, must be in a good areas with either planning consent or the potential of planning being granted for the erection of mid-range to upper end property values. Sites up to a maximum of 5No units.
Development Opportunities
Development Opportunities in Derbyshire

Home Renovation Ideas for 2010

The New Year is rolling in and most home owners are thinking about resolutions. Some peoples resolutions revolve around themselves whether it?s personal like giving up smoking or going on a diet, some people will be thinking about their working environment and what changes they want to see in the year. Many other people look to their homes and start planning to improve the appearance by decorating certain rooms or even extend and renovate for more living space. More and more people are working from home so are now looking at turning their garage into an office with a Garage Conversion.
Whatever your plans are this year, if they involve property refurbishments make sure you get a quote from us. You won?t be disappointed with our service, we are NOT cowboys and work to a very high standard. In fact you will thank your lucky stars you came across us.