Ripple effect spreads in London commercial markets?

The ripple effect is often quoted in the property sector this is when buyers are forced to consider secondary locations as they are priced out of their primary target market. It is often the first signs of a sector recovery. With prices in prime and super prime London residential moving up it looks like the commercial sector is starting to move as well. With the recent gains in west end rents in London moving up the interest of potential business tenants and buyers to secondary locations this will ultimately increase prices in these areas as well. Many in the property sector follow the London markets closely as a good indicator of the future performance of other areas in both the commercial and residential property sectors. With the recent announcement of increased funding for the mortgage markets from alterations to the way banks are allowed to lend. Combined with increased demand and low new build rates it look like they could combine to move the property sector into the upward path in the property cycle.