Structural repairs to defective brickwork

There are many different ways to repair different defects to brickwork and it very much depends on the construction types and defects as to the best and most cost effective types of repair. The key to affecting a good repair is both experience and calculations as to the loadings and forces that the masonry is under. So the best way to find out these facts is to employ a structural engineer for just a few hundred pounds you are then armed with the information that allows you to make a decision on the best course of action. It will also allow competent and experienced building contractors to put together a fixed priced schedule for the recommendations and information detailed in the structural engineers report. It is also important to consider if there is another underlying issue or defect that has given rise to the original problem. It could be as simple as a blocked drain undermining the existing footings or poor substrate or inadequate foundations. The money spent on investigating the issues could save thousands of pounds in unnecessary building works and repairs. Good building contractors will be able to give you an estimated figure based on their experience of the type of issue and property construction. They will also be able to recommend a good structural engineer who specialises in the type of defects and issues that are affecting your property. Some structural engineers are more used to dealing with new structures and can be over enthusiastic when dealing with some types of repair work. Good building contractors who specialise in structural defects will be able to recommend an engineer they work with regularly. This benefits all parties as the engineer has faith in the contractor carrying out the works to a good standard and following their recommendations carefully. It also allows the contractor to have confidence that the repairs recommended are both suitable and economically sensible. It can also save the customer time and money as the two parties solving their issues already have a good working relationship and want to make sure they do not let any of the parties evolved down with poor advice or ineffective repair techniques.