Do I need planning?

Seeking Planning Permission for alterations/extensions to your home or for a new build, if you have not been involved in such matters before, can be rather daunting for some people. It is important to bear in mind a few guidelines and I mention a couple of these which are important to note before any works start.
(1) Don?t progress any works on the project in mind before you have researched what Planning Permission, or other Authority you need. You can be made to remove/ or the Local Authority will take action to remove any/all building works in some cases, at your expense, and it is not advisable to rely on Retrospective Planning Permission being given for any building project deemed to need Planning Permission.
(2) You could need Building Regulations Approval, even if you don?t need full Planning Permission.
A reputable Builder, will of course know Building Regulations details, and you should note it covers such things as structural requirements, energy efficiency, fire safety, damp proofing etc.
An experienced /reputable builder will progress with you all the requirements of any building project concerning Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Public Utility (Electricity/ Gas/ Water) concerns from the planning stages to completion of the works.