What’s the cost of a house extension?

The price of a home extension can vary massively dependent on, not only the size of the extension but the level of finish you require in regards to such things as kitchens and bathrooms.

The starting point of any good home extension project is to employ the services of an architect to help you plan exactly what you want to create. A good architect will listen to your list of requirements and “must haves” and then explore what is possible within building regulations. The architect will then produce a first draft of the proposed drawings for you to peruse and discuss.

Once you are happy with the design and the plans have been passed by the planning office it’s time to get some quotes, I would recommend you get three quotes so you have an idea of the minimum and maximum prices.

It is important that you know the level of involvement you want with the project, do you want to manage the project yourself, which could save you money, or do you want to employ a main contractor so you have one point of contact for the project who is dealing with every element of the build from foundations to finish.

It is also important to have an idea of the level of finish you require if your extension is to include a kitchen, utility room or bathroom. The price of these products vary enormously, you need to have an idea of what proportion of your budget is to be spent on these items, this process can help you decide how much you want those granite worktops or expensive taps on the bath!

Always allow for some contingency money in your budget for any unforeseeable problems or extra works you may require whilst the build is in progress and if none arise, maybe you can have those fancy bath taps after all!