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Smoke Alarms – Push the button!

In the UK over 80% of the population own smoke alarms, but statistics say that 1 in every 8 of the houses attended by fire and rescue services, the smoke alarm failed to preform, in most cases it was down to a missing or flat battery.Statistically most fires start at night so without a working smoke alarm your chances of survival are hugely reduced.The Governments advice to “Push the button! Not your luck” is sound advice which only takes seconds to do and could save your life.If you don’t have a smoke alarm, buy one today! Prices start around £5 and it could be the best £5 you ever spend.If you have a smoke alarm, check it now! Always keep a spare battery in the drawer and mark a date in your calendar or set a weekly reminder on your phone to “Press the button!”If you need any advice or help with your smoke alarm call your local Fire and rescue Service, they’ll be happy to help.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is imperative to save life in the event of a fire.

Around 38% of the population have smoke alarms fitted to their houses, which means that 68% or three fifths of the population are in danger of fatal or live changing injuries in the event of a fire in their homes.

In 2010 – 11 Fire and Rescue Services attended 624,000 fires or false alarms in Britain, 5% fewer than the previous year, which can be attributed to early discovery of fire due to alarm systems.

In the year 2010 -11 there were 388 fire related deaths in the UK 28 fewer than the previous year.

This again could be attributed to the increased amount of fire protection in dwellings.

The majority of fire related deaths occurred in domestic properties, with the highest percentage being 80 years of age or older.

The old and infirm cannot always deal with or attend to a domestic fire within their dwelling therefore even a smoke alarm system could not always prevent death or serious injury.

One way to address this serious concern could be to install an automatic fire extinguishing domestic sprinkler system.

These modern systems only activate in a room where the fire has taken hold and does not affect the rest of the property.

If these systems were to be installed in Hotels, Care Homes, or Residential Multi Occupancy flats and like for like properties. The system when activated would not only extinguish the fire and save the life of the occupant it would prevent the spread of fire throughout the property preventing complete destruction or serious damage to the rest of the property.

Think about it:

What’s the worst that could happen in a fire with no fire protection?


What’s the worst that could happen in a fire with automatic fire protection?