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Raising a roof

Many home owner look at doing a loft conversion but some properties are less suited to a loft conversion than others. This can often be the case with some bungalows either the pitch is simply to shallow or the ridge of the roof is too low. Even if you can stand up in your loft and the head height is a little tight with the addition of loft insulation bringing the ceilings down and an increase in the thickness of the floor joists it can still be unachievable to convert the loft. However it can still be the best value project for that property so what is the answer? You need to raise the roof this can be done by simply taking the roof off and replacing it with a roof with a stepper pitch and an increased ridge height and therefore more standing room. Or staying with the same pitch and increasing the wall heights to move the whole structure up and give more height or a combination of the two. This usually gives rise to the need for structural steels in the ridge to give the roof more strength and allow for the removal of trusses or other supporting timbers or masonry columns. It will also be likely that you will require steels in to support the new floor structure. This has the advantage of reducing the spans that the floor joists have to make meaning that their depth can be reduced and this again helps with head height. It also makes it easier to get workable stairs and there are various building regulations relating to the depths of the stair risers and the length of stair treads. It is also important to maintain the stairwell ceiling height which is made easier to achieve when these works have been included in the conversion. This does mean more materials and extra work and labour charges but can be well worth while in certain properties particularly those that are set in areas that has high re-sale prices. If you can turn a standard small three bedroom bungalow into a two story house the value of the property can increases dramatically. With all the space down stairs now being able to be utilised as living space you get the added bonus of a large property down stairs. Although this type of building project is too ambitious for most home owners done by the right building contractor they create some amazing houses that command a premium price.

Want an award winning builder?

W4W Building Limited has won the prestigious Action COACHING business coaching award for the ?Best results in first 3 months 2010?. Amazingly the company also placed as finalists for ?Best team 2010? award?, ?Innovation Award 2010? and ?Financial Award 2010?. More of the news and photos from the night in the near future.

As Safe as Houses?

Some positive news from the Council of Mortgage Lenders suggests that this year so far, repossessions and mortgage arrears have both reduced. This time last year, repossessions stood at 13,200, compared to the 9,800 for the first quarter of 2010.

Although we are warned not to become complacent as we cannot be certain what lies ahead with our economy. People have lost their jobs but somehow managed to meet mortgage payments due to the continually low interest rates, while some have had help and support from the Mortgage Rescue Scheme. Let?s hope our newly formed Government recognise the importance of helping homeowners to keep a roof over their head.

Job Vacancies

Sales :

Opportunity to earn ?4k plus per month, must have good sales experience and experience of selling home improvements. Contact us by e-mail F.A.O Angela.

Site Managers :

We only want the best applicant must be looking for a career not a job, fantastic bonus opportunities. Working in Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Stoke-on-Trent areas. You will be running small teams of 5-10 trades? people. Contact us by e-mail F.A.O Angela.

Site operatives :

Are you prepared to learn, have your own transport and want a long term opportunity to improve your life? Experience in construction or engineering an advantage. Contact us by e-mail F.A.O Angela. Contact us by e-mail or simple click the get a ?free quote button?, and fill in your contact details. Contact us via our enquiry form to be considered for : contracts, tenders, building, electrical, maintenance, security systems work and professional partners status.

Due to our recent success in securing a number of commercial contracts and being selected as the preferred installer and reseller for security products in the midlands, we currently have work available for the best subcontractors and other property professionals. If you could please take the time to send us an e-mail or fill in our enquiries form you will be considered for our data base. We would prefer you do not contact us by phone.

Jobs available :

  • 4389 : We are looking for a reliable tradesperson to pass on small domestic building / joinery works, in and around Derby, Belper, and south Derbyshire.
  • 4342 : Supply and installation of UPVC windows and doors in the Derby and Nottingham area MUST BE FENSA REGISTERED.
  • 6012 : Installation of security systems alarms, fire systems and specialist security products.
  • 4311 : Nottingham excavation and infill of small domestic trial holes for structural reports.
  • 4312 : Removal of plaster and minor works in and around Nottingham.
  • 6047 : Installation of domestic security lighting, changing light fittings and other minor works. Must be part “P” approved.
  • 6058 : Installation of security systems in all areas of the U.K. please register for further details.
  • 1010 : Experienced company to provide property management in and around Stoke-on-Trent / Staffordshire.
  • 1012 : Property traders, finders and buyers though out the midlands.

We require references, testimonials, copies of the all certificates, insurance, CIS etc.

We will advise you on the further information we require once your e-mail has been reviewed.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor?s RICS Reveal 10% sales increase

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor?s RICS
Reveal 10% sales increase
Reports from the surveyors indicate that the number of property sales per surveyor has increased by 10% between June and August.
The RICS survey published this week reveals sales have increased from 15.3 in June to a current level of 17. This is the highest level since May 2008.
There has also been an increase in the number of unsold housing stock on their books up from 60 to 63 on average. The good news continues RICS’ survey reveals that the ratio of average sales to the average stock of unsold property on the market increased again from 25 to 27 a good indicator that the market continues to improve.
The RICS report also showed Newly-agreed sales, measured on a net-balance basis, averaged 34, which shows a positive result for the sixth consecutive month, Newly-agreed sales are increasing in every region across England and Wales. The region to see the greatest increases is the West Midlands.

Money saving tips

Money saving tips from W4W Building Limited

Everybody wants a top quality job done in no time without any disruption and for FREE!
Unfortunately in the real world this is not possible, the best we can hope for is a top quality job done as quickly as possible without cutting corners with the minimum disruption and for the best possible price.

Where to save money?
1. The number one money saving tip might sound too simple, do you really need and want to do the job?

Before you undertake any building or maintenance job ask yourself do I really need to do this, is this what I really want to achieve. Is it worth spending thousands pounds on a new top of the range deluxe bathroom if you might be considering moving in two years?

2. So you have made your mind up the job needs doing and it needs doing right.

The first thing you need to do is plan the job out no matter how large or small. Ask yourself the right questions, ?Do I have the knowhow to run this project??
If it?s just a matter of booking an electrician you probably do, or do you?
Did you know that if you carry out some electrical works on your own property you are actually breaking the law? Lots of small landlords often fall foul of this recent change in regulations and there are of course the insurance issues to consider.

3. Now we have established that you may or may not need some professional advice, next question is how much?

Most reputable building companies can offer you the guidance required. What if a project requires a little more planning, well the average cost of a project manager is around 15%. I know what you are thinking 15% of say ?10,000 that?s ?1,500 why should I pay someone ?1,500 for something I can do myself. Well a good project manager will already have good contacts with local trade?s people and suppliers that in its self could save the 15%. Also there experience tells them what to order and when, if you cannot get say a ?25 plumbing fitting you should have ordered a week ago and the plumber charges you for two men for two days. The only thought on your mind should be ?Why did I not pay for a good company to project manage this for me?.
4. So you have the right advice but you still want to do at least some of the work yourself
There is nothing wrong in that is there? No but be very careful that you choose the right areas to have a go. Electrics should only be undertaken by a part P qualified electrician it?s just not worth the safety risk, a wise man once said ?You can?t see it, you can?t hear it, but it can kill you,? that reason enough not to get your handy and good meaning friend or relative to save you a few quid.

Plumbing, let?s face it we all know that plumbers are not cheap; neither is replacing a ceiling or redecorating a room if there has been a leak. We have been into people?s properties after a leak has happened up stairs when they have been at work. Within minutes thousands of pounds worth of damage can occur.
So apart from electrics and Plumbing, I can nip down the local D.I.Y and get stuck in!
Well does any of the work you are considering require local authority Building Regulation control? People are often a little apprehensive of contacting building control, they should not be, yes they might be a fee but you are paying for someone to make sure that you and your builders do a proper job. If you don?t does it really matter? Yes if you do say a loft conversion on your property and you do not get a completion certificate you may find it more difficult to sell your house. It can even knock value off the price so it really is a false economy. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE JUST GIVE THEM A CALL THEY ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO OFFER ADVICE.

5. So you have sorted out that you probably need at least some qualified trade people, you have building control in hand. So it?s off to that cheap web site or discount store to get the bits.
Sourcing materials that can?t be that difficult?
Well if you have to pay your contractors an extra ?300 to fit that cheap shower that did not come with the right pump and he had to ?nip off?, and get the right part. You could of course wait two weeks for them to replace it while you are asking your work colleges ?can I come round again tonight to use your shower?.
So there are a few places that you should at least consider taking a longer term view.
6. Great you?re off! You have seen some lovely tiles for the bathroom floor but they are some of the most expensive in the shop. Well that could be good value if you are only tiling a few square meters with them, compared to the overall cost of the bathroom, they could be the wow factor that make your friends and relatives green with envy.

7. Keep your design simple the more complex it becomes with the extra gadgets the more costly it becomes.

8. Pick out and plan for the long term, we have seen people buy lovely single mixer taps for their bathroom sinks. Really beautiful pieces of modern design, that one of their clumsy guests have broken because they were not sure which way to turn it on, or every morning they bang there head on it washing their face, not the best way to start the day!

9. Once you are sure you have planned the project out to the finest detail, stick to your design, last minute changes can be costly. They also can often cause problems with things like the position of light switches and other predetermined fixings. We often put additional timbers in stud work if we know that a shower screen or other item is to be fixed in that position. If you know that a certain part of a stud wall is having a bath or shower in that position we would recommend a water resistant plaster board or cement based boards. If then the position of these items is changed it all adds further expense. If a project is not fully planned out people often move radiator positions to where a double socket was going to be positioned and that means further expense to reposition it. So think your project out thoroughly and stick to it.

10. So you have started, and you have decided to have a go at the tiling. That?s not a bad choice if you are handy but you must be a very patient person, if you are, there is no reason that you will not do a good job. With the money you have saved on the tiller, why not invest it in some good quality tools, that way you are set up for next time. If you don?t want to pay out for good tools and equipment, you have got to ask yourself, are you really going to do as good a job as a professional trade?s person who has all the right kit as well as all the experience. D.I.Y can be fun and very rewarding if done well. Are you being realistic about the all tasks you are undertaking ?If you are not entirely sure do a bit of research find out how long it would take a professional and add 50% more time after all we do this kind of thing every day. If you only have say eight hours every Saturday, is this really what you want to be doing for the next eight weeks?

We hope we have helped you to save a little time and money,
that is what we try to achieve for all our customers.

We up date our web-site regularly we will continue to offer more free advice so next time you are starting a project perhaps we can help.