Building project managers and main building contractors

Many property owners and property developers lack either the time or experience to undertake their owner building project management. Those that try to take on this role can find it both a challenging and sometimes a costly experience. When you employ a project manager or main building contractor you do not just employ their skills and experience but also their access to a network of trades people and property professionals. Dependant on the type and size of the building project you may find a variety of issues that need to be addressed during the building project. With a good competent building company or by employing a good project manager these issues can be addressed quickly and with the costs controlled. If you are a first time property developer and your building contractor calls you when you are busy or at work and tells you he needs a structural engineer on site the following day this will cause you a great deal of stress. However if you get a call from your main building contractor or project manager saying there is an issue but he has arranged the correct professional to site and will keep you updated on costs and will not go ahead with any additional spend without your written authority you will feel more relaxed. You will also be able to keep costs and your budget under control. With an experienced main contractor or a project manager they will be able to update you regularly with a cost report. These are usually broken down into two main sections measured works and instructed works. Measured works are the pre-agreed works from the quotation or from a building contract usually in the form a JCT building contract a home owners JCT or minor works JCT. Instructed works are usually called extras, so from instance if you add a double socket or there are some extra joists that need replacing. If you chose to manage a building project yourself you often find that your various contractors will present you with unexpected invoices at the end of the project. The other issue is that the work can fall between trades so for instance your kitchen fitter and your electrician may argue of who’s job it is to fit the kitchen extractor. With a main building contractor or project manager they will make sure that all these issues have been resolved prior to your project starting. So it can often be far more cost effective in the long run to use a main building contractor or project manager who usually charge around fifteen percent on top of their net costs. You do not need many issues or extras during the build to run up the additional fifteen percent of costs and this is without considering putting any value on your time or the stress of running a project with limited experience.