Do I need a building contract for my home extension or building project?

Many home owners are concerned that they will get what they want and the quality they desire for their home extension or building project. The most important thing is that you do have a suitable level of documentation for the type of home extension or building project you are undertaking. With even a small home extension project it is important that you have enough detail in the building quotation or building tender document. It is no good starting a fifty thousand pound project with a single A4 page quote that says build as drawing. The more detail you can specify from the outset not only are you more lightly to get what you want at the price agreed. You will also find that your building contractors will be able to quote “like for like” the last thing you want is beautiful oak windows to then find your contractor had priced for MDF window boards. That is exactly the type of detail that can trip up a client or leave the building contractor faced with a difficult conversation. There is various documentation that is used in a building contract, a schedule of works, this outlines the various components and the installation or construction costs. The preliminaries, specification and workmanship document details the finest details of finishing and the relative specification for each trade and professional construction project section. The other document that is often used for a building contract is a JCT or joint contractual tribunal building contract of which there are various types from DB (design and build) through to more simple JCT contracts like Minor Works Building Contract. These documents when used correctly are more than sufficient to cover most domestic building works contracts.