Finding a building contractor for a home extension

When you are undertaking a major building project or planning a home extension you are going to spend a large amount of money so you will no doubt have concerns that you select the right building contractor. Like all trades and professions all the individuals and companies that operate in their sector are better at some projects than other. For instance if your main driver is cost for a small and simple building project you may find a one man band may be the best option. Or if you have a more complex or larger project you will need to find a building contractor who has a wider skill base. For the best results you will need a project manager this may will be the most building company’s owner , managing director or general manager. As product technology has increased and project become more heavily regulated it is becoming more and more challenging to run even relatively small domestic extension projects with a working foreman. You need a building contractor who is large enough to have some full time office staff to manage the various deliveries and building control requirements to keep the project on time and on programme. For instance if you have a busy working foreman with a spade in one hand and a phone in the other is he best placed to look at savings for you the client if there are changes of works. A larger building contractor will have the resources to allow an office based member of staff to research the options and potentially save you thousands of pounds over a project. It is often the case that although small firms and contractors may give lower prices on day one, they are not always the most cost effective in the long run. As with all things in life there is no getting away from the fact you get what you pay for. Smaller contractors often still have a high level of quality finish but they simply do not have the time to respond quickly to client and professionals e-mails quickly as they are often out on site. It is often the case that items like brick choice and finishing details suffer as a result, so although the work is good the end result is never quite the same. When an office based project manager is on the project to take time to respond to client details confirming specifications of design and client material choice in writing. You not only know just what you are getting but also you have less chance of getting in a dispute of what costs and material choices have and have not been confirmed. The most important thing to check is the quality and finish of the building contractor’s previous building projects. Be careful relying on phone references make sure you visit a working project or meet their previous clients and ask them for their experiences first hand.