Government pledges £145 million to tackle empty homes

The governments Communities minister has pledged £145 million to assist in the redevelopment of the countries large number of empty dwellings. The money is to be shared out between local authorities and voluntary organisations to bring empty properties back into use. This is desirable for three main reasons not only does it provide much wanted housing but it is a much greener option than new build and it stops the anti social behaviour associated with void properties. It has a knock on effect of making the properties that surround empty properties much more lettable and saleable. These homes are desperately needed by many people who are currently homed in temporary accommodation. When housing benefit is being slashed and councils are looking to increase their income from council tax the move is a real win win for all involved. Some of these vacant properties only require a few thousand pounds of renovation costs to bring an asset worth tens of thousands back into use. So these funds spent wisely could have a huge impact on the number of empty homes in the UK.