Green builders call for brown field development sites as well as rural acceptance schemes

Green building experts look to brown field sites to create the most environmentally friendly developments. The use of existing brown field sites can save not only on infrastructure costs in both monetary and environmental terms but also allows the reuse of floor slabs as arrogate and the possibility of reclaiming other materials such as bricks and roof coverings. There is also increased interest in the use of rural exception schemes that allows locals to buy new rural developments at discounted rates. These schemes use covenants on the properties sold to allow them to be sold at a discount to market value to genuine local residents. They work through land owners being given some of the planning gain by selling agricultural land between its value as agricultural land and its value as a potential development plot. The savings in the land purchase price is then passed onto the local buyers in the form of a percentage discount from market value like those used in the right to buy scheme. These discounts are then passed onto other local residents when the property is sold on in the future. The rural acceptance scheme has three fold benefits, the land owner receives uplift in value, local people get access to affordable housing, and the local authority get new build development properties towards their development targets.