Home owners building contracts and JCT’s

When home owners are planning a home extension or other major building works they are often concerned that they will get the quality and detail in the quotations for their building works. With programmes like rouge traders and cowboy builders it highlights the need for proper documentation and the need to check references. It is also a good idea to use a JCT contract although it will require some work on the both the home owners and contractor part prior to the project starting it does provide reassurance for both parties. A home owners JCT contract can be purchased for as little as twenty five pounds and give details of the works. If you are planning major building works to your home or a home extension it may well be the second largest purchase you will make. So it is important that you have a good document to follow that details exactly what works will be carried out and at what cost. It will detail the work to be done and give fixed cost certainty to each element of your building project and you can also add fixed square meterage prices for less quantifiable items. It also details the payment schedule so you know what you should be paying and when, your building contractor can manage then their cash flow through your building project. It details who has the responsibility for professional arrangements like who has the duty of applying for planning permission. You can also stipulate working times and access so having a relaxed start to your weekend is not disturbed by a hammer drill at 8am or contractors wondering into your home to access the toilet or make a cup of tea. The JCT provides a sensible framework for yourself and your building contractor to work to, you have the legal peace of mind that if there is some disagreement you have a document that can be referred back to and a process for resolving any dispute. It also adds credibility to your project with a document you can keep and hand over to a home buyer in the future showing things have been done correctly and the standards the works have been carried out to. The JCT contract has been well used and tested and is respected within the construction industry.