Increased house building the answer to unemployment?

With youth unemployment running at a 17 year high and house building running at such historic lows it does not take a genius to wonder if higher build rates could have a positive effect. With the UK population growing at four time the rate of that in the 70’s and the continued number of single occupancy residences. It looks like the demand for housing is not going to drop any time soon but build rates still remain at painfully low levels. It has been estimated that investment in house building could soak up as many as 2.5 million from the jobless total. When you also consider that the annul build rate is running at around a 100,000 a year and the target is just short of a quarter of a million. If we continue with these woefully inadequate build rates we will have an eye watering short fall of 750,000 homes by 2025. So there is no doubt that this could be a win win for unemployment and housing demand, let’s not forget the potential return that tax payers could receive from investing in house building.