Restoring a period cottage

It is not just about the building to make the most of a period cottage you will need to pay attention to the garden, it makes such a difference to the overall feel of the project.
Make sure that you do your research, read plenty of books on the type and period of property knowledge is power in the world of restoration. Overlooking the correct paint sheen will destroy the appearance of those lovingly restored windows, so don’t be afraid to mayor in the minor!
Pay attention to local variations in the period and style of the property you should be able to find local enthusiasts groups who can share a wealth of knowledge.
Remember how ever passionate you are about period property you do not have to live in a museum, the people who built these wonderful properties would want to see them sympathetically modernised but most defiantly in everyday use, so the legacy of their toil lives on.
With that said please be aware of your legal obligations particularly where listings and the conservation department are involved.
Always go for reclaimed materials where possible and practical, it is so much easier to get the atmosphere of a period building right with well chosen reclaimed items.
Look for a nice mix of antiques and contemporary furniture to compliment your period property interior