Should I buy a bungalow?

Bungalows remain very much in demand. Some view bungalows as more suitable for those at the older end of society, and indeed it is true that they are popular with those approaching or at retiring age, and to people who just like to live at ground floor level, and of course to those at whatever age if their mobility is such that stairs present a problem.
Investors also have an interest in bungalows, and any such property in need of updating is likely to be attractive to an investor who can see a lot of potential buyers seek such properties that have been renovated and modernised. The investor can usually anticipate a bungalow to be sold on fairly quickly because of the general demand for such homes. Investors can also see it may be worthwhile to add another bedroom/s maybe with an en suite in the roof space as bungalows usually have a large enough attic space for this to be done providing a room of reasonable size. The market for potential buyers widens for properties that have had a loft conversion as some people may not only welcome the additional room/s for a family but may also like the flexibility of a bedroom at ground level or indeed turn this/these into say a playroom or office, and still have the additional space upstairs.
The above outline some reasons why the bungalow remains such a popular type of property to buy both for the private home seeker and the investor.