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Bedroom Tax


Labour MP Frank Field has urged council landlords to take action against the “grossly unfair” changes that are due to be made to housing benefits, even going as far as telling them to “brick up doors and Knock down walls”

If you were thinking of undertaking some “re-modelling” of your property and are tempted to “knock down a wall” be sure to employ the services of a qualified structural engineer before taking the hammer to the wall, and always consider what re-modelling your house could do to its future saleability and value!

The right Ironmongery

What is ironmongery? Ironmongery is an item such as a door handle, door knob, hinges, screws, door closure, letter plate any many other iron related items.

Never underestimate the importance of ironmongery on your property, something as simple as the right handle choice can be the difference between a dull or beautiful front door!

When it comes to choosing the right ironmongery there are a number of different things to consider, the age of your property, the finish required, which lock to choose, are you in a conservation area? These are a few of the questions you must ask yourself.

Choosing the right lock for your doors is hugely important, it is imperative that you check your insurance policy to see if there is any stipulation to which locks you must have, do they need to be British Standard? Then you need to consider if you want a Yale nightlatch, a mortice sashlock, mortice deadlock or even a rim lock?

Next you have to make the decision on which finish you want your ironmongery to have, brass, stainless steel, satin chrome, polished chrome, black wrought iron, aluminium, bronze? There are also many more to choose from, but take your time and have a good think about not only the front door, but the whole house. Do you want to have the same finish flowing throughout the house or do you want each area to be individual? Have a good look around and see what is available, if you decide to go for the same finish throughout your home, make sure that you can get all of the items of ironmongery in that finish such as window locks, kitchen cupboard handles and even bathroom furniture!

So, next time you’re thinking about changing your knobs and knockers think about the effect it will have on your whole property!

The 10 Key Components of a Successful Office Refurbishment

It is very essential to have a good working environment and an excellent interior in any company. As an employer it is your responsibility to provide your employees with best facilities and good setting. Research shows that employees of companies having excellent interior facilities perform more effectively than those with boring and monotonous interiors. A good interior attracts many potential clients too.

A good workplace need to be comfortable for the staff and welcoming for the clients. It is essential to have the office space suitable both for the staff and clients. Re-organizing your office and making some minor office refurbishment will help you attain that. Below are 10 key components of a successful office refurbishment;

1. Consult all stakeholders and inform them of the adjustments that will be made and how it will impact them.

2. Everyone needs to be involved. Managing directors may have the role of approving designs and charges, financials directors create a budget, office managers could provide valuable input on what the staffs actually want.

3. Choose one individual to be in charge of the whole refurbishment process. The person needs to be responsible, great communicator and experienced. The person should be able to stay within the budget and schedule.

4. Flooring is the foundation of every interior refurbishment. Choose a good flooring material and colour to make your office look elegant and classy. Bad flooring can make everything appear messy. Replace carpet flooring with new ones or if you have tiles or wooden floor get them polished to conceal areas which cannot be repaired.
5. When refurbishing an office, re-paint the walls. A successful refurbishment should reflect more on what the business is all about. You can use a different colour scheme. You can use wallpapers to highlight walls of the office in the best possible way. Different areas of the office need to be painted with diverse colours and themes depending on the role of that section.

6. Worn out furniture need to be replaced or repaired by an expert carpenter. Office furniture tends to become stained, marked or ripped due to daily use.

7. For a successful office refurbishment security has to be considered. Security is a chief concern for any company. Your previous security measures might have become outdated. Ensure you get all the safety tools placed at the appropriate exit spots and according to your renovated office design.

8. Partitioning an office provides many benefits such as privacy. It is very important to keep customer details private and confidential. Partition enables you to work at your desk making it impossible for your co-workers to observe what you are doing. This is very crucial in case you deal with sensitive customer details. Getting a customer’s trust is very essential in any company so ensuring their details safety is crucial in being successful.

9. Having an office partition will also reduce noise thus increasing concentration. It enables workers to concentrate on work than what is going on in the office.

10. A successful refurbishment should be designed for the future. It needs to be able to adapt to future adjustments that could happen at any time. Designing your office in this manner makes your company seem more modern and future oriented to customers and staff.

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