RSJ’s and structural alterations

Taking out walls within a property to open up rooms is very popular with home owners but many are wary of the costs. Removing a wall and inserting an RSJ can start from as little as a few hundred pounds. It is important that you inform your local authority building control department that you intend to carry out these works. This is usually done through a building notice building regulations application which needs to be arranged prior to works commencing. The building control department will require calculations from a structural engineer to show that the proposed RSJ or steel beam will comply with part “A”, of UK building regulations. With smaller openings it can be possible to use lintels and these come with calculations that allow you to use them without the need for structural calculations. You will still need to inform the building control department. Once the works has been done to the satisfaction of the building inspector they will issue a building control completion certificate. These can be checked if a property is sold or re-mortgaged and when a property is surveyed the surveyor will highlight this type of alteration.