Structural engineers and roof design

Many home and property owners rely on their architect to design their new roof and they are the right people for the job. They will look at the existing structure and tie it in with the new home extension or roof alterations but for more complex roof designs it is always best to employ the services of a structural engineer. Many people are put off by the thought of additional fees but the majority of these types of projects require input from a structural engineer so the additional costs can be manageable. This has to be considered along with the build costs, a good structural engineer will often be able to come up with a clever design. Their design could potentially save thousands of pounds in material and labour costs and also can allow for a more impressive design allowing for the opening up of rooms and the removal of intrusive load bearing walls and other structural elements. With the use of items like cranked steel beams and steel ridge beams designs can be far grander and sometimes at less cost. So it is worth considering all the option rather than going for a less impressive off the peg design.