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Commercial and industrial building specialists Derbyshire

Many factories and commercial buildings need to be altered or improved to keep them efficient for their purpose. One of the main concerns of site services or facility managers is that all or certain areas of their operations will be out of service while building works are being carried out. Good building contractors who have experience in working in this type of commercial environment will not only be good at the physical building work but also be able to assist with scheduling and other associate processes. They will be able to provide good site managers as well as all the required insurances, risk and method statements or RAM’s as they are sometimes called and have a good knowledge and understanding of the required building regulations and other statutory regulations. They will also have teams of builders and other construction trades who are available to work out of hours to ensure minimum disruption to the industrial or commercial facility. Many building projects can save thousands of pounds in efficiency savings and stop facility manager and site service managers from falling foul of safety and other regulations. They can also cause costs in lost production sometimes thousands of pounds per lost day, so it is important to make sure that these projects are well planned and that your main building contractor has the required skills to bring your building project in on time and in budget,