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Tips for the perfect conservation renovation

There are several things to consider when planning a period property or conservation renovation or restoration. As with any building project there are two distinct stages both critical to the end results, the design stage and the construction phase. The design stage will involve various professionals, architects, surveyors and structural engineers. Choosing your design team like choosing your contractor is critical to the success of the project try and find architects or surveyors that have experience and a good track record with conservation projects. Take some time and speak to experts in the conservation and restoration sectors of the construction industry. It can be a good idea to ask specialist contractors who they have worked with previously and who they would recommend. Having a successful design team who have experience in working with your conservation building contractors is good for two reasons. You have the reassurance that the conservation building contractor who is looking to obtain your business will only recommend building professionals that they know will be confident to assist your renovation project. Also they will probably make it on the tender list and could well become your preferred building contractor. They will already have formed a good working relationship with your design team and will be looking to impress the building contracts administrator with the aim of obtaining further contracts. This is the ideal scenario however the key is to find the correct building contractor as experienced developers and contract administrators will tell is their attention to detail. Two contractors can successful complete a contract to the letter but the results can show a marked difference. With a main contractor who is fully committed to your project and their team passionate about period property restoration the results can be phenomenal. It is the attention to details that will show through, small items like mortar joints and finishing of lead detail that will make or break a project.