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Should I be worried about the cracks in my brickwork?

It is always advisable to have cracks in masonry (brickwork) check out by a professional and that professional is not a builder. The first port of call should be a structural engineer or for a more general condition report a competent surveyor a member of the ?Royal Institute of chartered Surveyors?. If you have cracking or signs of movement in the brick work you need to contact a structural engineer. These helpful chaps will give you the benefit of their years of experience and specialist training. Some cracks can be simply repaired with products like ?Heli tie fixings?, using specialist resins. Some cracks do show evidence of much more serious problems, like poor foundations or sub-soil erosion often caused by damaged drainage. One of the other issues effecting foundations is heave sometimes caused when large trees are removed and the area of the roots dry and the ground moves or heaves.
Some repairs are made simple with products like stitch cracking bars or wall straps that are used to tie gables to timber roof structures or the use of timber ties or noggins to tackle issues like roof spread. So rather than lay awake at night worrying about them call in a structural engineer and they will often put your mind at rest or suggest some minor works to stop further movement or cracking. This could save you thousands of pounds in the long run.