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Industrial alterations and facilities management

With industrial building alterations and maintenance the important issue is keeping the business running with the minimum inconvenience and loss of production. This of course has to be balanced with the cost of the building works but often the disruption and lack of production is far more costly than the actual building works. So the site or facilities manager needs to weigh up the building contractors based on price, flexibility, speed and quality. It is no use getting a helpful, quick and cheap contractor who causes a break in production if their work does not stand the test of time. It is important that your contractor has experience and understands the importance of working in and around modern industrial facilities. If you ask some trades people for a copy of their RAMS they would just think you have gone mad. More experienced building contractors who are used to dealing with, building and altering commercial property will be able to send you some Risk and Method Statements. The simplest advice when selecting a building contractor is to look at which building contractor asks as many questions about how you work as what work is to be done.