Black mould and condensation

With the temperatures dropping some home owners are having problems with condensation which can lead to black mould growth. This can be an unpleasant issue in the home and can affect your plaster and decoration and can also be a potential hazard to health. The issue of black mould growth appears in houses at cold spots that are called dewing points. This usually happens when the building fabric becomes cold and the condensation condenses on the cold spot and allows the correct level of dampness for the black mould to grow. This can then spread to other areas of the property the places that tend to be worse affected are behind furniture the corner of rooms and ceilings particularly on and adjacent to external walls. Many homeowners suffer this year after year and face the annual spring clean and redecoration but there is a permanent solution. You can fit a unit in the roof void called a P.I.V. this stands for positive input ventilation. These units work excellently as they work to reduce the humidity levels in your home solving the root cause of the problem which is condensation and high humidity levels within the property. Once a unit has been installed and all the historic mould growth has been removed the property will remain free from condensation related mould and you can start to enjoy your home again. Many home owners try various other options first from dehumidifiers through to cutting in additional air bricks. The majority of the time this is not enough to resolve the issue and it is either only partly resolved or the mould and condensation will simply move to a different area of the home.