Property Refurbishments

If you have a property that needs refurbishment, we are here to help with all your property refurbishment needs. We have refurbished many houses, flats and apartments, offices, shops and other commercial buildings. We have all the different tradesmen at our disposal to complete a total refurbishment from the very first concept though to the final completion.

When completed a good quality property refurbishments lasts for many years, so we take the time to talk to you, to find out exactly what your wants and needs are for your building. Our team of Derby based builders, electricians, and many other trades have years of experience, we have worked on many different building refurbishment projects in the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

We can provide you with building regulation drawings and even 3D visuals to help you design what is right for your building refurbishment. We have experience in converting buildings from commercial to residential use and making the best use of the buildings space. We can convert unused outbuildings into offices and store rooms and can assist you through all the building regulations, planning regulations, design works and planning drawings.

Property refurbishments can also save you money, not only because your house, office or shop could be more energy efficient after property refurbishment works, but a well designed property refurbishment can also help your building to be more efficient as a business premises or home simply because everything in the building is in the right place.

There are often grants for home owners and business premises for energy efficiency, security, new shop fronts, and conservation repairs. You could benefit from the increase in your buildings value after possible grants and building refurbishments even though you have only paid for a proportion of the costs.

Ways to save money through building refurbishments.

Could a building refurbishment be the answer to negative equity?

Negative equity is a phrase that until recent times most of us have been pleased to forget. If you are unfortunate and you have suffered negative equity to your property, a refurbishment could help lift the value of your property. Even with a modest budget we could help you alter some of the areas of your home or business premises that could be affecting the buildings value.

Could a good quality building refurbishment add value to your business?

How many times when out shopping or when looking to give a business your valuable custom have you said I am not going in there it looks pretty tatty, or If that is what their business premises looks like, I bet the service is terrible. If you are busy running a business have you taken the time to stand back and look objectively at the exterior and interior of your business premises and asked yourself What does this building say about my business?

Could altering the layout of your house or business premises help it work more efficiently?

Are you tired of walking miles to the kitchen? Could removing a wall and knocking through help your home or business premises work more efficiently? These can often be relatively simple problems to resolve and can make a huge difference to the way your family or staff use the space within your building. We could help you come up with cost effective ways to improve the way you use your valuable building space. Building space is valuable and costly, so why not contact us and we could help with a solution that is tailored to your buildings unique needs.

Could you save costs if you could cut the number of buildings you use or if you used the buildings space more efficiently?

Just because your home or business premises has always had the same building layout this does not mean it is the best. We have helped home owners and business owners extend or convert their buildings to get the best use of the buildings space. Could you sub divide your property and add a much welcomed income for renting out part of the building?

Are there grants available for your home or business premises?

There are many different grants available from many different sources some up to 80% for the building work; could you be missing out on some free financial assistance for your building refurbishment?