Damp, condensation and Black Mould growth

No one wants to wake up to black mould growing on their walls and ceilings, in most cases it is caused by condensation. For a professional it is relatively easy and inexpensive to solve this unpleasant problem, but many householders struggle on, spending their weekends bleaching and scrubbing.

The Various Types Of Damp

Rising Damp

Rising Damp Remedial Action

Positive Pressure Units

Passyfier Vents

Party Walls

Salting Data


The Health Risk

Unfortunately there is not just the unpleasant appearance of condensation and black mould growth there is also the risk to health and children. The people most affected are as usual the most venerable children the elderly and those with existing health problems. We have even seen cases where the condensation levels are so high, there is moister forming on the walls and running into live electric sockets which is very dangerous. It is amazing to consider that in 2010 many home owners and tenants are living in conditions that would fall below the local authority “decent homes” standards.

We can usually completely eradicate the problems within a few weeks which puts an end to evenings and weekends spent bleaching and scrubbing at unsightly black mould growth and damp patches. Many people resort to the annual spring redecoration that they know after spending a winter living in damp mouldy conditions they will have to face.

People find it very embarrassing when they have family and friends staying or visiting and people wrongly associate black mould with hygiene. It does not matter how clean you keep your home if the condensation conditions are right cleaning will not stop the re-growth of black mould.

Different Occupants

Different households and life styles: Many landlords become frustrated when they have a change of tenant and within weeks there is condensation and black mould growth. The number of people and animals can have an impact, or if occupants shower more often or have different washing and cooking habits these all have an impact on black mould growth. Some people find that when they have fitted new windows or altered their heating systems or when they have their heating running can have an impact. The difficulty for many landlords is that it is not possible to always adjust the living habits of their tenants so we are called in to save them from further damage of their houses.

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