Leaking Roof

It is not a very nice experience discovering you have a leaking roof. Your first thought is often, “Oh no what is this going to cost?”

Well it is not always necessary to panic, sometimes it could some as simple as just a blocked gutter or heavy moss growth.  It may be that you require a new stepped lead flashing, or there is damage to a valley or gully.

Unfortunately sometime a property may require a re-roof, if this is the case there are still various options to consider:

  1. How you would like your new roof to look?
  2. What is your budget for the new roof?
  3. Is it the time to consider new roof windows?
  4. If the scaffolding is in position is it the right time to consider additional work to gutters, facias, soffits, and finials?
  5. Is now the best time to remove dangerous or unwanted chimneys, or have your chimney pointed?

We can give you all the information you need to help you make the correct well informed decisions on what best suites your unique situation.

Most people are fortunate to never need a new roof or they will only need one, during the duration of their time in their home. So they are often apprehensive that they will find a reputable contractor who they can trust. Unfortunately the construction industry has suffered from a poor reputation and roofers have had some poor press. We will take the time to talk you through the work that needs to be done, and explain the costs and where you’re hard earned money is being spent.

Our quotations are carefully broken down they contain details of:

  1. The exact work to be done.
  2. Details of which type of materials to be used.
  3. What your quotation includes and excludes.
  4. Payments terms, carefully detailing what needs to be paid and when, we will only ask for the final payment once the work has been finished to your satisfaction.
  5. A copy of our standard terms and conditions.

You can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional company that is here to help today, and will still be here tomorrow. As we are an established company we hold credit account with our wide range of different suppliers. We use our purchase power to get the best price for materials, which allows us to pass on theses saving to our customers. This gives us very competitive roofing prices, price is important to most of our customers but it is also important to offer a high level of service. We pride ourselves on the tidy and polite nature of our onsite teams.
So why not give us a call or e-mail for your FREE roof survey.

Below is an image of a re-roofing job we completed in August 2013.  A very net and tidy job by our team and a very happy client:

Roofing job in Derby