Property Surveys

There are several types of building surveys, and here are just a few of the type we have arranged to assist our clients in the past

Dilapidation Surveys

These are often conducted when a commercial property is coming “off lease”, and being returned to the landlord. These are often required as part of the lease negotiations.

Reinstatement Surveys

This type of survey is again usually undertaken when a property is coming to the end of a lease period and the landlord has asked it be reinstated to its former condition.

Condition Surveys

This type of survey is often conducted by either tenant or landlord prior to undertaking a lease in order that any remedial works that may affect the lease period can be addressed prior to occupation.

Structural Surveys

This is perhaps one of the most important types of surveys as it assesses the structural integrity of the building structure and advises on any remedial works required.

Asbestos Surveys

This again is a highly important survey as it is a legal requirement for all commercial properties, and an important safety requirement.

Damp and timber treatment surveys

These are carried out to check for the presence of wet rot, dry rot, raising damp, salt penetration, introduced damp, penetrating damp and timber infestation. They can advise on woodworm treatments and damp injections.