Renovating, Restoring, and Developing Period Properties

We draw a great deal of satisfaction from the many successful renovations we have completed. We have the experience to manage the entire design and renovation, restoration or development.

Large period properties both commercial and residential often lend themselves to being subdivided. This may be for a variety of residential uses, flat or apartment conversions, bed and breakfast, hotels, or residential homes, if done correctly they can often prove very rewarding for their owners.

With large period properties both residential and commercial they offer great potential for a variety of different development schemes. Some developers will take a rundown commercial period property and convert the upper parts into apartments and leave the ground floor as a commercial unit.  Some large residential period properties lend themselves to being converted into elegant offices.

There are many things to consider when carrying out conversions; the new use will demand many things that were not considered when the existing building was commissioned. When carrying out conversions to a period property you have all the usually alterations to consider, new supplies, gas, electric, water etc. You may need to consider an interlinked fire system, acoustic or fire separation between individual units. When converting period properties you need to consider things like matching up the existing roofing slate, the sizes are one thing, but if the slates are not sourced from the correct quarry it could completely alter the look of the roof. There are so many items to consider even down to paint finishes, it is not just a matter of picking a colour, is your building in a conservation area. The conservation officer may need input in paint colours and types. Your choice of colour may be from the correct period for the building but was that colour popular on the exterior? Is your choice of paint finish acceptable to the conservation officer, they may insist on a certain level of paint sheen. Where will you go to find an exterior paint finish with 20% sheen? These are the type of issues that we take care of every day; we have the experience to know where to go and how to manage this kind of project.

When converting period properties into flats or apartments they have their own unique issues, fire separation is one of the important considerations. This is quite straight forward but what if the building has several floors and the main drainage stack runs through all four floors and links six individual apartments? These are the kind of challenges that are often over looked by developers who are new to conversions.

At W4W Building we have a genuine passion for the work we carry out and we obtain great satisfaction from completing a project and looking with pride at a beautifully restored period property.

We are always pleased to look at any project, and the advice is always free, so why not give us a call or send us an email.

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