Structural Building Repair Specialists

Why choose us?

You will be choosing a trusted company that is the preferred contractor for many local structural engineers, businesses and home owners. You will get real expertise we have a very experienced and seasoned team that you will have 100% faith in. We understand the importance of balancing your property repairs or structural alterations with a sensible budget. We can have a fully qualified structural engineer to site within 3 days and you can have peace of mind for less than two hundred pounds.

Why worry about that leaning brickwork, bulges and cracks when you can call us and get a solution to your concerns. Structural issues are not always as bad as you may think some repairs can cost just a few hundred pounds and could save you tens of thousands over time. You will benefit from knowing you have chosen a company that prides itself not just on its structural building repairs but on customer service, easy to read and understand paperwork and clearly defined fixed cost certainty. We understand that you need your work done quickly and efficiently and with the minimum of disruption. Your work will be scheduled with a clear start date and project end date so you can get on with your day to day life safe in the knowledge that we will carefully manage your project with a successful completion.

Confused by the different words used in steel works? We created a page to make it clear. Click here to read about the difference between Steels, RSJ and lintels.






strapping to stop wall bulging